Fees & Referrals

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At ID+LC each doctor sets a private fee for consultations and procedures, and payment of that fee is required on the date of service. The qualifications and experience of our consultant doctors are reflected in their differing fee scales. Please enquire about our fees when you make an appointment. Some procedures may require a deposit to be paid prior to treatment. We accept all major credit cards, EFTPOS, cheque or cash payments.

Medicare Rebates

A Medicare rebate can be claimed for all medical consultations as well as the vast majority of medical procedures performed by a doctor. Most cosmetic procedures do not attract a Medicare rebate. Please confirm with our administrative staff whether your treatment attracts a Medicare rebate. We can submit your Medicare claim electronically so your rebate is deposited to your account sooner.


It is a requirement of Medicare that a referral from a doctor be provided for a consultation with a specialist dermatologist. Without a referral, you cannot claim the rebate from Medicare. Referrals are valid for 12 months unless otherwise specified by the referring doctor, and are specific to the condition for which you are being referred.

Private Health Insurance

Consultations and procedures performed by doctors in their medical rooms/practices are not covered by any private health insurance payments.

If you need to have skin cancer surgery and you have private health insurance, you may wish to discuss with Dr. Salmon the possibility of being treated at Wollongong Day Surgery Centre where Dr. Salmon operates on a regular basis.

Medicare Safety Net

For patients who have multiple visits with many doctors, the Medicare Safety Net can assist with meeting the costs. If the total of your out-of-pocket expenses – that is, the difference between the doctor’s fees and the Medicare rebate – is greater than the prescribed threshold in one calendar year, Medicare will increase the benefit paid to you to 80% of your out-of-pocket expenses for non-hospital services. The threshold level varies for singles and families. Visit www.medicareaustralia.gov.au to learn more.

Cancellation Policy

Download ID+LC’s cancellation policy here.