Chemical Peels

Chemical peels work by removing the topmost layers of skin to promote regrowth of healthy new skin cells, and can treat a range of both cosmetic and medical skin conditions.

The chemical solution used, depth of peel and number of sessions required are tailored to the specific condition being treated. Cosmetic peels are used to improve skin texture and entail little or no down time for the patient.

Medical peels to treat precancerous lesions are generally deeper, with a longer recovery period.

Synergie Practitioner Peels

The Synergie Practitioner range was developed to deliver the highest level of active ingredients to provide the best treatment for a large range of cosmetic skin conditions.

These include acne, congestion, blackheads, sun damage, uneven skin tone and fine lines. These peels work by exfoliating and hydrating the skin, and the type and number of peels required depend on the condition being treated.