Cosmetic Dermatology Fees

Fees & Price Guide

All prices listed are per treatment (unless otherwise stated). More than one treatment may be required to achieve optimal results. Prices are current as of February 2017.

ID+LC Special Package Offer

Pay for 3 or more treatments in one transaction and receive a 20% DISCOUNT on the total price. Package Special must be paid prior to treatment.

Botulinum Toxin Injections (Botox/Dysport)

Everyone has heard of Botox, the anti-wrinkle non-permanent injections. Botox is a brand name for a Botulinum toxin made in the USA. At ID+LC we prefer to use Dysport, another brand of Botulinium toxin that is manufactured in Europe and distributed in Australia by Galderma. Our experience, after using both products, is that patient satisfaction is greater when using Dysport.

$4.50 per unit*
* Please note that when comparing Botox to Dysport units, the ratio is 1:2.5. This ratio has to do with how it is reconstituted and injected. More units of Dysport are used to treat an area, so an appropriate comparison would be 1 unit of Botox ($15) to 2.5 units of Dysport ($11.25)

Injectable Fillers

All injectable filler treatments are performed by a registered nurse.

1.0ml $480

2.0ml $500

1.0ml $630

Broadband Light (BBL) Treatments

All BBL Treatments are performed by a registered nurse.

Nose $250
Full face $400

LENTIGINES (freckles/pigmentation)
Best results may require up to 4 treatments

per treatment $200
pkg of 4 treatments $700

Neck $300

Chest $400

per treatment $400
pkg of 3 treatments $1000

Neck and face $600

Face, neck and chest$800

Forearms (not incl. hands)$600

RevLite Laser Treatments

All RevLite Laser treatments are performed by a registered nurse.

Facials $150
Spot treatments from $150 for flat seborrheic keratoses

Chemical Peels

All chemical peel treatments are performed by a registered nurse. Each peel is specifically tailored to the individual’s skin type.

Synergie Enzyme Peel $70
Synergie Lactic/Salicylic Peel $100
Synergie Jessner Peel $150

Hair Reduction

All hair reduction treatments are performed by a registered nurse.
$ 450 per hour, minimum treatment $90, quotes provided

Laser Tattoo Removal

All laser tattoo removal treatments are performed by a registered nurse. Please read more about your choices in tattoo laser removal here.

Laser Tattoo removal: $200 per business card-sized treatment area, quotes provided

Excessive Sweating (Hyperhidrosis) Treatment

All hyperhidrosis treatments are performed by a specialist dermatologist with PBS and Medicare approval.

$235 initial consult fee
$590 for treatment of both axilla (under arms)
Medicare rebate total $246.70

Please contact us if you have any questions or to book for a treatment.