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Botox by any other name…


Everybody’s heard of Botox, it’s a household name. We all know that it works by relaxing the tiny facial muscles that cause wrinkles.

We also know that botulinum toxin (BT), in tiny amounts, is the active ingredient. What you may not know, is that Botox is only a brand name and is just one of several BT injectable products on the market that do the same thing.

At ID+LC we’ve been using Botox for a number of years, but have also been getting fantastic results with a product called Dysport. Dysport has been a popular alternative to Botox in Europe since 1991. It’s relatively new to Australia and we’re pleased to now be able to offer our clients a choice when it comes to BT injectables.

Dysport contains the same active ingredients as Botox, meets all the same stringent safety standards, but is also slightly cheaper. In addition, we’ve found that it works in as little as 24 hours, and the results often last a little longer!

Keen to know more? Ask one of our cosmetic nurses at your next appointment for more information.

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